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Track My Medical Records | Track My Health Records

Whether you call them "my health records" or "my medical records", you can track them here privately, securely and for free.  You can use our Android app, our iPhone® web-app, a tablet, or your desktop computer to track your personal health information and track your medical records in your own language.

Patient Empowerment

Take Control of Your Personal Health Records

Several health insurance companies offer a way to view and store your personal medical records from vendors they are linked with.  However, if you change insurance companies, at best you'll have to re-enter all the information, and at worst, your new insurer may not even offer such a service. allows you to maintain continuity between any and all providers.

Make Your Personal Health Records Intelligible

Often, you'll find that medical records contain unintelligible codes and unexpected terms for simple procedures.  This site is not meant for doctors or insurance companies to maintain industry-coded information for insurance claims.  Rather, it's for you to maintain your own medical records in your own language.  Enter as little or as much information as you want - it's your personal health record.

Personal Medical Record Data You can Track and Graph

With this service, you can easily track important parts of your medical record including Medications, Allergies, Conditions, Immunizations, Appointment and much more.  Moreover, you can track and graph any number of statistics or lab results over time.

Security and Privacy of Your Personal Health Records

We don't ask you to enter social security numbers, full names, or insurance information.  Nonetheless, we take your privacy seriously.  Check out the Privacy link below.

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Emergency Medical Card

The TellAMedic™ Emergency Medical Card is a vital new enhancement to your medical record storage that provides.

How Does it Work?

In an emergency, an EMT or hospital personnel can do a quick and easy scan of your unique QR-Code on the TellAMedic™ Emergency Medical Card, or simply enter your unique patient ID into the TellAMedic™ website, and retrieve the vital patient information.

In seconds the EMT will have your emergency contacts, and a list of the latest Medications, Allergies, Conditions and other information you entered into the Track My Medical Records app or website.

Why is This Different?

There are a number of different services that separately provide emergency medical information through various means. Hardly any have the concept of providing that information through an automated system to reduce the time of retrieval to an absolute minimum, without phone calls, reading ID numbers and/or providing other information before being allowed to have the patient's critical emergency information.

No other system, however, has the combination of a method for tracking your health on a daily basis coupled with an emergency card to retrieve that information in an emergency.

NOTE: We do NOT retrieve your medical records from your providers!

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